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About JSed

Here is a implementation of sed in Javascript. It features mostly POSIX sed but for some exceptions. Despite what one might fear it is not untolerably slow because it relies internally on the Javascript native Regular Expressions.

Run JSed

you can:

The JSed engine itself is a self-contained javascript file, which can be used by several HTML files for different usages. Here are two examples of directly supplying the sed script:

User's manual

Quick intro

Edit the sed script into the Script editing area; edit the input into the Input editing area; then click on the run button to compile the script internally and then execute it on your input. If errors are found when compiling, they are displayed in bold face in the bottom of the window and the script is not executed. Else the output appears in the bottom of the window.

There are three settings that affect the behaviour of JSed:

Full manual

The complete user manual is on a separate page.


Download the full archive: jsed-1.0.tar.gz (48 kB)


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