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This small page just contains links to download some of my work in Minix68k. It is put here in the hope that it be useful, despite some remaining bugs or other unconveniences.

All was developed and tested on Atari Minix 1.5 (on STonC) and/or on MacMinix 1.5 (on my MacIntosh Powerbook 145).

  • C68 bootstrap c68bstrp.tar.gz (448 kb) or c68bstrp.tar.Z (0.97 Mb). This is a way to bootstrap a partly running C68 compiler on a plain minix 1.5. I say partly because the floating point support does not work very well.
    Note: this is in no way an official C68 release. The official Minix C68 page is at
  • esh.tgz (204 kb) - editline-shell, an attempt to add line edition and automatic file completion to the standard minix shell.
  • cawf-man.tgz (127 ko) - the necessary programs to read true troff manpages like those of Minix 2.0; You would also need the pages themselves, or fetch more recent versions directly in Minix 2.0.3: manpages.tgz (397 kb).
  • macfile.c for MacMinix only, with some bug fixed if only I could remember which...
  • dd.c making use of lseek instead of simply reading when skippingover the input.

In progress

I'm currently writing an updated C68 driver and fixing some library files. Will make it available when ready.

Also I've got a working gzip somewhere, but it needs some cleaning because I think it relies on modified versions of the library, so it is not releasable directly yet.








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