Miscellaneous hacks

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Here lies everything that is too uninteresting or too small to deserve a page on its own.

  • Some nouse programs. See the original nouse distribution at http://www.geocities.com/qpliu/nouse/nouse.html.
    • beer.no, implementation of the classical 99 bottles of beer;
    • quine.no, a self-reproducing program;
    • rule110.no, a rule 110 cellular automaton. Since rule 110 is universal, I understand that this demonstrates that nouse is Turing-complete.
    You might also need this patched interpreter: cnouse.c as the C interpreter in the original distribution is bugged (or try this faster interpreter: cnouseopt.c)
  • csed-030815.tgz (60 kb), the source-code archive of the beta cheap-sed, a sed implementation. [and here is a windows binary distribution: csed-030816.zip (45 kb)]. Cheap-sed is based on HHsed (1991, by Howard L. Helman and David Kirschbaum), itself based on small-sed (1988? - 1991, by Eric S. Raymond). Cheap-sed inherited from its ancestors its small size and fast speed, and I strived to add the maximum POSIX compliance on top of that. There are also no more size limitations. Thanks to these features Cheap-sed is a good sed implementation to run complex scripts such as dc.sed.
  • split.zip (Win32 source + binary) and split.sit (MacOS 68k source + binary), a very small utility used to split files into parts that fit on a floppy disk, and glue back those parts to recreate the initial file.
  • fntconv-020116.tgz, a utility to convert GEM fonts between .FNT, .TXT and .C format. Typical usage: get a font in FNT format, convert it to TXT, edit the TXT, and finally convert the TXT to C for inclusion within an application.
  • factor.sh, an implementation of the classic factor utility (prints prime factors of numbers) written using only the shell (sh). Uses no externals programs (except sh), does not even use echo (which may not be a builtin), does not use temporary files as well (it would be impossible to remove them afterwards without using rm).
    Dedicated to the Claudio Calvelli, the inventor of DD/SH.
  • quizz.sed, an obscure sed script posted to the <lang@esoteric.sange.fi> mailing list. I finally disclosed the solution to the list, and published the un-obfuscated, commented version, but I won't tell you here, so you can have a look for yourself if you dare. (note: needs GNU sed - I overlooked some sed issues at the time I wrote this, so it is not as portable as I first thought).
  • newv68k011218.tgz, a package with the results of the V68k benchmarking study in raw shape, along with my notes about various machines/emulators.

There were also stuff put on a former version of this page, which has been removed since. The files may perhaps even still be here.







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